This video highlights 6 beginner moves to get you familiar with upper body, chest, and ab and core workout moves using ABLE - Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment. We highlight proper form, give rep and set recommendations and additional tips for proper foot placement with our Toe Lock feature for face down ab and core moves.



Here are a number of challenging ab and core workout moves you can perform with ABLE.



ABLE offers dozens of chest workout moves while requiring you to recruit additional muscles in the shoulders, core, arms and back. ABLE offers more functionality for chest workouts than dozens of other pieces of large, complex equipment and pushup machines combined. And, at a fraction of the cost.

 Pushup stands are often used to increase the depth of retraction and range of motion for perfect push up form, which leads to additional muscle recruitment of the pec muscles. Another popular reason people use pushup stands is simply for hand or wrist conditions that require a grip for comfort. A great reason to use pushup machines or stands is to achieve the proper push up form and increase height from the floor, giving a user room to move their feet for move sequences like knees to elbows from high-plank position. ABLE takes the pushup handles concept and adds additional functionality, movement, instability and range of motion. Now you have a simple set of platforms that work for push ups, ab roller, chest fly, leg and ab moves of all kinds.

 There is no more effective overall chest and upper body exercise than push ups for adding size to the pecs, burning calories and toning the arms and back. ABLE’s rolling, multi-directional design allows for dozens of challenging push up variations including stationary push-ups, rotating perfect pushups, bodyweight push up flies, chest flies and Y roll outs. Each of these chest workout moves can be modified to target the muscles of the middle, upper or lower chest with incredible efficiency. Beginners can modify the moves further by performing the exercises from the knees while advanced users can add weight or further instability by using ABLE on a hard surface.

 Here are our top chest workout moves with ABLE, categorized by moves for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.


Here are a couple of beginner moves that focus on developing the muscles of the chest, shoulders and arms.


Here are a number of chest workout moves that are slightly more challenging than our beginner moves and focus on developing and strengthening the pec muscles, shoulders and arms.


Here are a few examples of advanced workout moves targeting the chest with ABLE platforms.