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ABLE Multi-Directional Fitness Gliders

ABLE Multi-Directional Fitness Gliders

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🌀 Patented Omni-Directional Wheels

💪 Rotating Handles for Full-Body Workout

👣 Foot Integration for Lower Body Exercises

🏡 Home Gym-Friendly

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ABLE Multi-Directional Fitness Gliders

ABLE Multi-Directional Fitness Gliders

Regular price $128.99
Regular price $128.99 Sale price
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How it works

The ABLE Multi-Directional Fitness Gliders take your workout to the next level by revolutionizing traditional exercise movements. With a patented design that includes rotating handles and omni-directional wheels, they enable you to move with total freedom, engaging more muscles throughout your body. This enhances your workout efficiency, improves form, and minimizes joint stress. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, these gliders are the key to unlocking a myriad of exercise variations for peak physical conditioning.



Begin by choosing your fitness goal on our extensive workout videos. Grip the rotating handles and glide into action, targeting specific muscle groups such as the core, legs, or upper body. Secure your feet within the gliders for lower body exercises using our toe-lock feature. Explore our recommended workouts to ensure you’re maximizing the full potential of the gliders. By following these tailored exercises, you'll safely build strength, improve flexibility, and increase endurance across your fitness journey.



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Return & Refund Policy

We stand behind the ABLE Multi-Directional Fitness Gliders. If it doesn’t meet your workout needs, our straightforward return and refund policy is there for you. Learn about how to process returns and our commitment to your satisfaction. Click here to learn more about how we can help.

70,000+ Happy Champions

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Unlock Full-Body Fitness:


Reported enhanced muscle activation for a comprehensive workout that targets more areas than traditional gym gear.


Enjoyed the diversity of exercises, leading to more dynamic and engaging workout routines.


Saw improvements in flexibility and balance, achieving a greater range of motion and core stability.

Hyper-Targeted Training, Unparalleled Muscle Activation

Innovative Multi-Directional Movement

Unleash the potential of each workout with ABLE Gliders, designed for omni-directional movement to activate and strengthen every muscle group. Their unique gliding motion expands your exercise repertoire far beyond traditional equipment, offering a versatile and effective training experience.

All-In-One Fitness Solution

Forget the need for multiple pieces of equipment; ABLE Gliders offer a full-body workout in one compact design. Whether you’re looking to improve core strength, flexibility, or endurance, our gliders adapt to your needs, providing the variety your training requires with a simple shift of position.

Ergonomic Design for Peak Performance

Crafted for comfort and efficiency, the ABLE Gliders feature rotating handles and secure foot placement, ensuring ergonomic alignment that minimizes risk and maximizes gains. This thoughtful design allows for prolonged, intense workouts with reduced risk of injury.

Versatile and Space-Efficient

With the ABLE Gliders, transform any space into a high-performance workout area. Their stackable, portable design makes them a perfect fit for home gyms, small apartments, or on-the-go fitness regimes, providing the freedom to train whenever and wherever you choose.


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What Makes ABLE Gliders a Smart Choice

Discover why the ABLE Gliders outperform a whole gym's worth of equipment and why you shouldn't miss out.

  Traditional Equipment

Streamlined Fitness Investment

Maximize Space & Minimize Clutter

Accelerated Results

Ease of Use & Adoption

ABLE Assurance: Glide to Greatness

Discover the transformative power of the ABLE Multi-Directional Fitness Gliders. We are confident you'll be thrilled with the versatility and results. That's why we offer a 30-Day, Risk-Free Trial. Not completely convinced by the full-body workout and performance improvement? We’ll ensure a full refund as per our Return & Refund Policy.

Buy ABLE Gliders Now

See the Difference in Action

Endorsed by fitness pros, our ABLE Multi-Directional Fitness Gliders is a proven tool for enhancing strength and achieving workout goals.

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