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Modular Quadropress

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💪 Eliminates stress on hands and wrists
💪 Effectively promotes proper pushup form 
💪 Maximizes overall upper body strength and endurance

💪 COLLAPSIBLE & PORTABLE: Fit in any Carry-on Luggage. The Modular Quadropress adopts a foldable and portable design so you can easily take anywhere

💪 11 in 1 COLOR-CODED: Each side has 11 different variations to maximize your workout protentional 

💪 PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS: The complimentary Training Schedule List is a fitness program developed by professional fitness coaches for different levels of exercisers.

💪 DOUBLE LOCK: Utilizing Snap-Fit joints and Heavy Duty Plug-ins, the handles are firmly attached to the Push-up Board allowing for a steady and secure workout.

 Ease Pressure on Wrists

Did you know doing regular push ups can cause injuries and pain in your wrists? The MODULAR Quadropress was ergonomically designed to take pressure off of your wrists so you can focus on what matters. Your WORKOUT


Easy to Use and Assemble

Just insert the handles into the required position and start exercising. Quadropress is easy to carry and store, so you can workout anytime, anywhere.

Target Specific Muscles

Target specific muscle groups when using Quadropress’s color coded training system: Shoulders (Red), Chest (Blue), Back (Yellow), and Triceps (Green).

Original Design

Our original patent pending design was created to provide the ability for everyone to easily enjoy an intense workout

High Quality Material

Durable and designed for all weight classes. Grips are silicone and non-slip. The Quadropress will be your go-to for an any-day, upper body blast.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Within 30 days of receipt of your order, you may return unused products in original condition, in original packaging for a full refund.